Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

1. Privacy Policy

Here at Sub 6 Resources, we care greatly about your privacy. This privacy policy covers the information that we collect, and who has access to this data.

A. Personally Identifiable Data

At Sub 6 Resources, the information we collect about you is simple. When you create an account, we collect your email address and the name that you submitted as your account name. If signing in with Google, or if you provide a profile picture manually, your profile picture URL is also stored in order to display it on the website when you sign in. If signing in by email, then no profile picture is collected unless you choose to upload one to the site at a later date.

Who has access to my data?

Sub 6 Resources does not share your data with anyone. If you sign up for Tempo Classroom, student's names will be shared with the teacher, and teacher's names will be shared with the students.

Your information is not given or sold to any third-parties.

B. Information Security

All efforts will be taken in order to protect your data, including, whenever possible, encrypting the data. If any attempts are made at stealing your data, we will notify you and bring our site offline to protect further breaches, as well as contacting the proper authorities.

C. Child Protection

We take every precaution to prevent children under the age of 13's data from being stored in our databases. To our knowledge, no children under the age of thirteen have data stored on our site. If you believe that your child's data is being stored in our database, contact us at and we will delete it as soon as possible.

Terms of Service

Consent: By using this website and/or application, you agree that you are to be legally held to these terms, as well as have a basic understanding our privacy policies.

  1. You agree that Sub 6 Resources and Tempo Suite reserve the right to suspend or delete any account or content that is deemed inappropriate by our standards (Which includes, but is not limited to: pornographic material, anything gang-related, drug-related, or illegal in the United States or your host country, plagiarism, copyright protected content, trademark or trade secret protected items).
  2. You agree not to use anybody else's account without their express permission.
  3. You will not create an account if you are under 13 years of age.
  4. Tempo Suite and Sub 6 Resources are not responsible for loss of data or other harm to yourself or others by using this website and/or application.
  5. You agree that Sub 6 Resources remains the sole owner of all of the Tempo Suite software, and you agree not to resell or duplicate any part of it without written consent of Sub 6 Resources.
  6. You agree not to access the website and/or application with any type of automated system, or with the intent to cause harm to or damage the property and data of Tempo Suite or Sub 6 Resources.
  7. You will not, under any circumstances attempt to or access any data that has not been authorized to be viewed by you.
  8. You will not hold Sub 6 Resources responsible for any penguins attempting to belly-slide down the side of the Eiffel Tower
  9. You agree to hold Sub 6 Resources harmless if you are harmed or injured in any way by using Tempo Suite or any Sub 6 Resources product. (Don't know how you can really get injured or harmed, but we don't want to be sued if the impossible happens.)
  10. You will let legal authorities access your data if required and permitted by law.